Recently I set out to build a new gaming PC so I can setup a Two PC streaming setup. I wanted everything to be RGB so I can change my computer’s theme on the fly. I decided to stick with Intel’s 7700k due to it’s single thread performance. Adopting the new X series was also out of the question. I have not delidded the processor yet.

Selecting a Motherboard is a complete nightmare. reading through reviews of each motherboard, everything has problems. Currently selecting a motherboard is a decision of what problems would you possibly like to deal with. I Chose Gigabytes Aorus z270x-Gaming 7. Chose this due to the On-board SoundBlaster Recon 3di Paired with my Astro a50’s. The board also has two ethernet nic ports, Which is perfect for routing my streaming pc through. Since I’m streaming to Twitch without a capture card, these really complemented my new build.

Power supplies are well built these days. All power supplies nowadays will take good care of you. I chose the Corsair RM750x which is fully modular. I chose the M.2 Samsung Pro 860 SSD Without Question due to sheer domination of the market right now. Two 2TB SSHD Firecudas From Seagate for long-term data and game storage. I’m into overclocking pretty heavy but not fond of creating my own custom water loops due to maintenance, I’m Lazy.


I chose the Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 RGG because it’s huge and gets the job done. You will need Extra Fans if you don’t plan on putting radiators on the top or rear of the PC. Everything was plug and play. Set XMP profile and overclock slightly from the start. Insanely fast system. I chose 32gb of 8gb RGB Sticks due to price and I do not plan on upgrading to 64gb. Overclocking is a breeze via bios software or software used within windows. This blog was intended to be a short read for the overall build itself, I will be doing breakdowns for each product seperately.


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