Corsair RGB 570x

Corsair RGB 570x










  • Beautiful
  • Clean Tempered Glass
  • Roomy.


  • Fans Cannot be Controlled via software
  • Wire Management
  • PSU Shroud incomplete
  • Open Air
  • 2 HDD Bays


A computer case built completely for pure aesthetic purposes, sure to leave the WOW impression on anyone who is within the same room. Boasting dust filters all around and beautiful RGB fans. For a medium size computer case, it supports 120mm, 240mm and 360mm radiators for your watercoolers. Although there are some problems with most motherboards and mounting a 240mm radiator up top. Clearance for RAM modules seems to be an issue.

TweakTown Enlarged Image


The case itself comes with three RGB fans mounted in the front. Requiring you to purchase more fans if you want them all around. At a premium of $179.99, I would sort of expect the fans to be cheaper than $18 a piece. The HD series fans are incompatible with the controller, so be sure to grab the SP120s and not the HD120s. The HD120’s are a superior fan with a much higher airflow rate, so it’s a drawback for sure. The fans are covered by a magnetic dust cover, which is easily removed and much better than what I’ve seen on other cases.


Computer case front view

Corsair 570x RGB Front View

The Power Supply Cover is very nice with a corsair white LED. It feels incomplete thought as it’s not fully enclosed, leaving the end entirely open, so if you’re attempting to hide wires there they can be seen from the front angle of the PC. Each fan has two wires, One for onboard power, and the other to the controller. They also tend to be a real pain in the ass when you’re hiding wiring in the back of the case. One thing not advertised is there is a wire cover that is removable on the back of the case.



computer case

Corsair 570x RGB Side View


This will not be your next media server as it only has slots for two SSD’s and two HDD’s. I’m using two 2TB SSHD’s for data space and a 500gb m.2. My purpose was strictly gaming and overclocking. This case will definitely not work as a media server unless you’ve planned on never swapping drives and only having two.




Overall it keeps my motherboard quite cool. With a 25c ambient temp, it’s not far off. The airflow is good and I have not had enough time for dust collection and seeing how dirty it gets. If you’re looking for a solid gaming computer case that will “wow” anyone who sees it, this is the one. If you’re looking for more functionality and features or a media server, this is not it.




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